Proving That Manager Actions Improve Engagement

Proving That Manager Actions Improve Engagement

Discover the most effective ways managers can address their team's feedback, based on data from thousands of people leaders using Peakon

What’s Inside

Managers are the glue that binds an organization together, and without them, it’s almost impossible to create an engagement strategy that results in meaningful change.

Empowering managers to act on their team’s feedback can have a significant impact on the engagement of your organization. The only challenge is knowing what action to take.

Based on data from thousands of managers and their teams using Peakon, we’ve identified the most effective actions managers can take. Discover the actions that lead to long-term improvements in engagement, and what you can do to empower your managers.

What You Will Learn

  • Why empowering managers is so important
  • What managers can do to address their team’s feedback
  • The impact of the most effective actions on engagement
  • How Peakon recommends the right actions for individual managers

Empowering managers to improve their team's engagement

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