The Peakon Monthly July Broadcast

In this month’s episode, Peakon’s CTO and Co-founder Christian join us to explain how he and his team are approaching the challenges that arise from being part of a rapidly growing startup with a customer base that’s constantly evolving. Christian’s team focuses on making sure, throughout all this growth, that the platform is able to fulfil the complex requirements of enterprise clients, while maintaining support for the SMEs that have trusted us from the beginning – as well as keeping the platform fast, pleasant to use and easy to understand. It’s a delicate balance between listening, innovating and maintaining.
We are growing quickly; The data in our platform has just doubled in the past 4 months. At the same time, we have 1200 customer product inputs, and 599 are implemented. Christian Holm Co-founder & CTO
Watch this recording of our webinar to learn about:
  • Peakon’s product development process with Christian, CTO and Co-founder
  • New features that enable you to get deeper insights with less admin
Christian explains how we treat employee records, a crucial part of the platform that has changed a lot since since we first started – and an area he has spent a lot of time on. In his own words:
We strive to make the management of employees on the platform as easy and painless as possible. We invest in smart searching and filtering tools, bulk updates, importing and exporting. These areas are necessary for companies with many thousands of employees while we stay true to our ethos; Allowing users to spend less time on Admin and offering the experience they are all used to through their consumer apps on their i-phone or Android.
On the same topic, Christian highlights the importance of managing employee records. As he says during the webinar:
If you want real-time employee feedback, you also need real-time employee data.
Michael and Christian also discuss:
  • Giving subsidiaries the administration rights to carry out local surveys
  • The automatic mapping and visualisation of hierarchies within Peakon
  • Restricting insights that could burden managers
  • Finding specific comments that have sparked conversations between leaders and team members
  • All the latest feature updates that happened during July
In the last part of the webinar, we open up the discussion to our community in the Q&A session. All of the features mentioned in the webinar are explained in more detail in our help centre – plus your Customer Success Manager is always available for support. If you would like to register for the live broadcast and participate in the Q&A session afterwards, send me an email. We hope to see you at the next broadcast on the 29th of August, the last Wednesday of the month.