The Peakon Monthly June Broadcast

A lack of growth opportunities is one of the main causes of employee turnover. Our data shows that nine months before quitting, employees begin to show a decline when asked questions related to their ongoing development—in effect, all aspects of growth are stalled. SMART goals and strategic focus have their place, but not when it comes to individual growth plans. In this episode, Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Operating Officer, and Michael Dean, Director of Employee Experience, introduce the “5 Whys” framework and explain why you should focus on the individual when developing growth plans in your organisation. In this webinar, Patrick and Michael will explain:
  • The importance of growth and the role it plays in the employee experience
  • Features and insights in Peakon that support employee development
  • How you can use the “5 Whys” framework to inspire individual growth and ownership
  • How we approach growth and development at Peakon
After watching this webinar you will have a strong grasp of what works when it comes to individual development, and know how to apply “5 Whys” framework in your organisation. If you have any questions about the product solutions discussed, please contact our team at or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. For anything else send me an email.