The Peakon Monthly June Broadcast

Participation rate is the perfect metric to understand how much of your organisation is being heard. Learn three of our top tips to ensure high participation in your surveys from Gustav, Senior Customer Success Manager and Patrick, Chief Operating Officer here at Peakon. Achieving a high participation rate is something we regularly discuss with our partners, and we want to share some of our insights to help you succeed. As Patrick highlights at the beginning of this webinar:
Everyone is interested in sharing their thoughts and feelings. It’s all about how these are received and actioned, being an excellent listener as well as a very effective communicator.

Watch this discussion and learn how to

  • Address employees as partners with a shared goal of creating a great workplace
  • Celebrate those in the business who are helping to drive improvements
  • Showcase that both senior and local leaders are taking peoples’ thoughts onboard
Patrick also takes you through a few features in Peakon that can support your efforts with all the above points. In the last part of the webinar, our community gets involved through the Q&A session. All of the features mentioned in the webinar are explained in more detail in our help centre – plus your Customer Success Manager is always available for support. If you would like to register for the live broadcast and participate in the Q&A session afterwards, send me an email. We hope to see you at the next broadcast on the 25th of July, the last Wednesday of the month. The Peakon Monthly is our webinar series with your hosts Patrick Cournoyer, Chief Operating Officer, and Michael Dean, Director of Organisational Development Science.