A message for Sanofi

At Peakon, we believe that work should work for people and that every employee should have their voice heard. We're excited that you're considering Peakon as your employee experience partner and our Chief Evangelist, Patrick Cournoyer, has a message for you.

Trusted by 1000+ of the world's best workplaces

Build an accurate, real-time picture of the employee experience

Structured question libraries, intelligent benchmarking, and advanced natural language processing surface the factors that are truly affecting engagement in your organisation.

Surveys are delivered via email, kiosk, and SMS—translated into more than 60 languages—and designed with blind and partially sighted users in mind.


Increase manager effectiveness with contextual learning

Peakon Engage provides all of your people leaders with bespoke training, tailored to their immediate concerns.

Bite-sized micro-courses, suggested actions, and a curated content library help leaders at all levels in your organisation to act on their data and drive improvements in employee engagement.

Foster a more inclusive company culture

Understand the different experiences of employees at work, based on real-time measurements of diversity and inclusion across your organisation.

Peakon Include is built around a comprehensive, evidence-based methodology with ready-to-use questions covering diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.


Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study 2020

Within this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Peakon, discover how our customers improved employee engagement, reduced staff turnover, and increased employee productivity after three years of partnering with us. Get your free copy here.

How QinetiQ Empowers Managers to Create A High-Performance Culture

Discover here how QinetiQ empowered over 600 managers with real-time data to help improve engagement by over 10% and revamped their rewards process based on employee feedback!