Diversity, equity,
and inclusion

Measure, take action on, and improve your organization’s approach to DE&I

Peakon Include provides additional DE&I insights across your organization, allowing you to collect ongoing feedback in order to measure the impact of new initiatives, and drive increased performance.

Connect your DE&I initiatives to employee engagement, identify individual cases of discrimination, and empower your managers to take a more active role.

Peakon Include makes it possible to create a culture of accountability that empowers every employee to be their most authentic self and perform at their best.

What our customers say


We start conversations about diversity and inclusion, and we end up talking about engagement. As we gain a better understanding of how we engage different types of people, we get insights into how we are doing on inclusion. Based on Peakon's insights, we can identify what drives people without needing a separate survey on specific D&I initiatives.

Janet Pope
North America Corporate Responsibility Director, Capgemini

How Peakon Include supports diversity, equity, and inclusion

Collect demographic data in a compliant way

Build an accurate picture of diversity by giving your employees a way to submit their demographic data anonymously and in compliance with GDPR.

Don’t let underrepresented groups get lost in the data and ensure that new initiatives are designed around the right people within your organization.

Foster a more inclusive company culture

Understand the different experiences of employees at work, based on real-time measurements of diversity and inclusion across your organization.

Peakon Include is built around a comprehensive, evidenced-based methodology with ready-to-use questions covering diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.

Provide a safe way to report misconduct

An anonymous and secure platform for employees to raise critical issues.

Prioritize individual cases of discrimination and misconduct using advanced Natural Language Processing and alert key stakeholders in real time.

Empower your managers and improve accountability

Encourage more ownership of new initiatives with personalized insights and guidance based on employee feedback.

Peakon Include uses advanced machine learning to leverage millions of responses from organizations, teams, and people across the world to provide training and recommended actions when they’re needed most.

Report on progress and ROI in real time

Peakon Include allows you to examine how different employee populations are feeling, compare specific aspects of their workplace experience, and identify the actions that lead to improvement.

Communicate the impact of DE&I initiatives to senior leaders in order to allow for more strategic and evidence-based decision making.