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Optimize your employee experience from onboarding to exit, and improve employee retention with Peakon

Everyone understands that a great customer experience leads to loyal and satisfied customers. The same is true for your employees. When you provide an exceptional employee experience, your team are more engaged, active advocates for your brand, and more likely to stay at your company for the long term.

Peakon helps you to optimize your employee experience and improve retention by connecting insights across all aspects of your employee journey. Understand the state of your onboarding process, and learn how it impacts employee engagement. Find the link between experience, engagement, and departures with retention insights—and forecast the risk of further employee turnover with real-time attrition prediction.

What our customers say


Understanding and measuring employee engagement has always been a challenging area. Through its experience — and its scientific, manager-friendly interface — Peakon has transformed this challenge into a commodity. It is easy to use and deploy for any complex organization in literally weeks.

Luc-Olivier Laleve
Senior Manager HR Intelligence & People Analytics, Adecco

How we improve employee experience and retention

Understand the impact of your employee experience

Learn what matters most to your people at every stage of their employment.

Peakon provides a detailed overview of your employee journey from onboarding to exit. Identify the aspects of your employee experience that need addressing, understand the impact on engagement and retention, and target your initiatives to drive improvement.

Onboarding, engagement, and exit

A unified survey; one source of truth. Peakon delivers targeted onboarding and exit questions to employees as part of your regular engagement survey. Understand onboarding and exit with no additional admin, and ensure high employee participation with a great single survey experience.

Uncover the real causes of employee turnover

Combine exit survey insights with broader employee feedback data. Peakon analyzes the final months of feedback from all your recent departures, and surfaces the issues that contributed to attrition in real-time reports.

Forecast your attrition risk in real time

Identify the areas of your business at greatest risk of employee departures.

Peakon’s attrition prediction model analyzes trends in employee feedback and provides you with an accurate forecast of attrition risk among different employee groups—such as departments, teams, and office locations. Optimize your retention and recruitment strategies.