Sync your employee records accurately, simply, and securely

Set up your employee records in Peakon, start collecting feedback in your organization, and make sure you’re always working with the most accurate insights.

There are a handful of time-saving options we support no matter how your HR data is structured

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Import and aggregate across multiple sources

Create and update with Excel

Most of our clients have multiple offices around the world and each local HR team can submit their employee records via excel sheets individually. Peakon automatically aggregates the data from each office accurately in the platform and becomes your source of truth. The Excel import is the most trusted solution for single or bulk employee-data imports, and updates in just a few simple steps.

Step 1

Edit your employee attributes in Peakon

Step 2

Download the ready-to-use template from your dashboard or start with your own

Step 3

Add your employee data and import to Peakon with a single click

Download the ready-to-use template from your dashboard or start with your own

Sync once and always stay up-to-date

Seamless integration with your HRM software

Peakon is built to allow seamless and straightforward integration with your HR management software. New employees are added automatically, and any changes are securely synchronized—allowing you to focus more time on improving your team.

“This is the way you want it to be built, but we've never experienced it before.”

Two main options. Unlimited possibilities.

Quick and easy out-of-the-box integrations

Simple integration with BambooHR, HiBob, and other employee directories compatible with the SCIM 2.0 protocol, including Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, and many more.


Unlimited capabilities with your own custom integration

Integrate your own employee directory or Human Resource Management System with Peakon, using our open SCIM 2.0 API.

Some of the benefits you get:

Make your data more secure
Minimize risk by avoiding manual mistakes
Ensure security policy compliance from all employees
Use a single system to manage permissions and groups
Compatible with any HRM system
Automate the process and save time
Always stay up-to-date while you add, update, and delete employees

Peakon syncs with your HRM system by using SCIM 2.0, the most modern, simple, and secure way to keep your employee data up-to-date—trusted by the likes of Google, Slack, and now Peakon.

Why don’t you ask your tech team

Here are some useful links to send your IT team about setting up your own integration

BambooHR SCIM 2.0 API

Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential

Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyzes it, and provides the insights that you need to improve your business in real time.