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Every great company is built on a great company culture. Understand what’s happening at the ground level with Peakon.

How Peakon can help

Highly engaged companies have 37% fewer sick days and 30% higher productivity. Peakon is the employee engagement platform that delivers the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Our continuous approach to employee feedback provides complete visibility across your organization. Understand what’s driving engagement in your business—and identify areas for improvement—in real time.

Deep-dive into the issues by segmenting your data as you see fit—team, site, tenure... even commute time. Develop action plans based on the insights you receive, and track the success of your initiatives as soon as you’ve implemented them.

Build a culture that reduces risk, retains employees, and drives operational efficiency. Partnering with Peakon will be the best decision you ever make.

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Improve retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with you for the long-term. Our customers have reduced their turnover by as much as 50%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and recruitment costs each year.

Reduce risk

An engaged workforce experiences 41% fewer safety incidents and 41% fewer quality defects. When you manage your culture effectively, it serves as an unseen force that encourages your employees to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Reach everyone

We can gather feedback from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Accessible via web, kiosk, and SMS, and translated into over 50 languages—you can be certain every employee will have their voice heard.

Customer story

Making employee satisfaction the top priority at Autobutler

Autobutler was created to improve transparency in the automotive industry, yet prior to Peakon, transparency around employee engagement had not been an area of focus for the business. Co-founder, Peter Zigler, explains "Peakon has literally changed how we're working with employee satisfaction at Autobutler. It has given us the ability to be much more detailed and sophisticated in our decision making".

Results achieved

Gathered employee feedback across remote locations worldwide
Identified strengths and priorities for teams, regions, and the organization as a whole
Provided real-time insights to managers throughout the business
Built a successful and unified company culture across multiple locations

The many ways Peakon can support your organization

Employee engagement

Increase productivity, retention, and business performance with Peakon

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Employee experience and retention

Optimize your employee experience from onboarding to exit with Peakon

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Leadership development

Nurture the next generation of leadership in your organization with Peakon

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Diversity and inclusion

Build an inclusive organization with data-driven insights from Peakon

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Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyzes it, and provides the insights that you need to improve your business in real time.