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The secret to great service

Retail and hospitality are all about providing an exceptional customer experience. The best driver of happy customers is happy employees.

How Peakon can help

Highly engaged companies have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, and up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction. Peakon is the employee engagement platform that delivers the data you need to make the right people decisions.

Our continuous approach to employee feedback provides you with visibility across your entire organization. Learn what’s driving engagement, and identify areas for improvement, in real time.

Drill down into issues by segmenting your data by any dimension imaginable—team, tenure, location... even sales performance. Put the data in the hands of your leaders with our manager-level dashboards, and drive change from the ground up.

Track the performance of your initiatives over time, build a culture that promotes great service, and retain your best people. Partnering with Peakon will be the best decision you ever make.

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Improve retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with you for the long-term. Our customers have reduced their turnover by as much as 50%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and recruitment costs each year.

Reach everyone

We can gather feedback from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Accessible via web, kiosk, and SMS, and translated into over 50 languages—you can be certain every employee will have their voice heard.

Unrivalled flexibility

Every company is unique in its structure. Our advanced data segmentation and scheduling can handle organizations of any complexity, enabling you to easily drill down into the issues affecting any area of your business.

Customer story

Engagement is the secret to glh Hotels' world-class customer service

The thing that sets glh apart from competitors, such as Airbnb and, is their ability to create an unforgettable customer experience. Part of making that happen involves creating a great place to work for their employees. In the words of Jessica Collingwood, HR Director at glh Hotels, "I’ve yet to find anybody who can demonstrate that it’s possible to deliver great customer service when your employees aren’t happy or engaged."

Results achieved

Established a clear link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction
Identified new initiatives to improve the employee experience
Developed best practices as a result of knowledge-sharing between hotels
Created a shared language for talking about employee engagement
More data for managers to make decisions instead of relying on intuition

The many ways Peakon can support your organization

Employee engagement

Increase productivity, retention, and business performance with Peakon

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Employee experience and retention

Optimize your employee experience from onboarding to exit with Peakon

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Leadership development

Nurture the next generation of leadership in your organization with Peakon

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Diversity and inclusion

Build an inclusive organization with data-driven insights from Peakon

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Help everyone in your organization to reach their full potential

Peakon gathers employee feedback, analyzes it, and provides the insights that you need to improve your business in real time.