Employees do their best work when they feel supported and trust their organisations. In order for that to happen, leadership must recognise the importance of the employee voice and take it into consideration when shaping how the organisation operates.

Put insights to work

Most employee engagement tools simply measure engagement, but listening to employee feedback is not enough on its own — you also need to act.

Peakon is designed to help your employees put insights to work, and to drive meaningful change.

Companies around the world use our insights to make fundamental changes to how their organisation operates — from increasing engagement and productivity during organisational restructures to coaching managers to lead their teams in more efficient and effective ways.

Champion employee success

At Peakon, we believe that employee success is everyone’s job — from junior team members to the CEO — because everyone in an organisation is an employee.

With meaningful insights and the right resources at their fingertips, employees are able to perform better. They care about driving positive change, and have the right level of ownership to make it happen. They become better managers of people and teams, resulting in a high-performance culture built on open and honest feedback at all levels of the business.

Be people-forward

Employees do their best work when they feel supported and trust their organisations. This starts with leaders cultivating employee-led conversations and prioritising their teams’ feedback. This goes beyond saying you are “people-first” — it means being people-forward.

People-forward organisations are committed to creating ongoing conversations with their teams, understanding and helping to meet employee expectations, and equipping everyone–no matter their tenure or role–with the insights they need to effect real change.