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Every day your employees are working hard to make a difference. With Peakon you can empower them to do what they do best.

How Peakon can help

Whether your team is based at your HQ, or out changing the world, Peakon is the employee engagement platform that will enable you to support them. With the ability to gather feedback in over 50 languages - via email, kiosk and SMS - we ensure that you can reach absolutely everyone.

Our continuous approach to employee feedback provides you with the data you need to make the best people decisions. Understand what’s driving the engagement of your team - and identify areas for improvement - in real-time.

Delve into the issues by segmenting your data in any way imaginable - team, tenure, location... even commute time. Build action plans based on the insights you receive, and track the performance of your initiatives as soon as you’ve implemented them.

Boost your culture and retain your best people, without costly incentives. Peakon is the easiest win you’ll ever make.

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Inspire success

Employees who believe in the mission of their organisation are 72% more productive than those who don’t. Understand how your employees’ experience at work aligns with your values, and build an organisation that can fulfil your long-term vision.

Reach everyone

We can gather feedback from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Accessible via web, kiosk and SMS - translated into over 50 languages - and designed with the blind and partially sighted in mind - you can be sure every employee will have their voice heard.

Improve retention

Engaged employees are more likely to stay with you for the long-term. Our customers have reduced their turnover by as much as 50%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and recruitment costs each year.

Customer story

Enabling everyone at Rainforest to be heard and keep it 'really real'

Rainforest was founded in London in 2012 before moving out to Mountain View to take part in Y Combinator. With the company now headquartered in San Francisco, the team has remote employees all around the world. Peakon gives everyone an even platform for feedback and recognition. “We have a much happier remote team because they have a way to tell us – in a way that we can truly hear”, explains Rainforest’s founder and CEO Fred Stevens-Smith.

Results Achieved

Achieved a 95% survey participation rate from remote and on-site workers worldwide
Identified strengths and priority issues across the organisation
Enabled the development of an objective, data-driven people strategy
Built a successful and unified company culture

The many ways Peakon can support your organisation

Employee Engagement

Increase productivity, retention and business performance with Peakon

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Optimise your employee experience from onboarding to exit with Peakon

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Leadership Development

Nurture the next generation of leadership in your organisation with Peakon

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Diversity & Inclusion

Build an inclusive organisation with data-driven insights from Peakon

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