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Success powered by engagement

From revenue to customer satisfaction: the performance of your business is driven by your people. An engaged workforce delivers the best results.

How Peakon can help

Highly engaged companies have 37% fewer sick days, 30% higher productivity, and up to 2.5 times better customer satisfaction. Peakon is the employee engagement platform that delivers the insights you need to make the best people decisions.

Our continuous approach to employee feedback allows you to understand what’s driving engagement in your business - and identify areas for improvement - in real-time.

Drill down into the issues by segmenting your data in any way imaginable - team, office, tenure... even commute time. Develop action plans based on the insights you receive, and track the success of your initiatives as soon as you’ve implemented them.

Build a culture that retains happy employees and happy customers. Peakon is the easiest win you’ll ever make.

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Retain key talent

Every great company is built on great people. And an engaged culture ensures you keep hold of your best performers. Our customers have reduced regrettable churn by as much as 50%.

Unrivalled flexibility

Every company is unique in its structure. Our advanced data segmentation and scheduling can handle organisations of any complexity, enabling you to easily drill down into the issues affecting any area of your business.

Peace of mind

We take data protection very seriously. Our service is fully compliant with GDPR, and we secure your data with the latest 2-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption technologies.

Customer story

Building a unified company culture at LHH Penna

“We knew we couldn’t take the LHH culture, or the Penna culture, we had to create a new culture.” Nick Goldberg, LHH Penna’s chief executive for the UK and Ireland, lays out the challenge facing the new company, formed through LHH’s acquisition of Penna in 2016.

Results Achieved

Identified business and people issues brought about by rapid change
Delivered personalised insights to managers throughout the organisation
Tracked the impact of people initiatives in real-time
Built a successful company culture during a change management process

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Universal Accessibility

Ensure every employee voice is heard

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Bespoke Benchmarking

Better benchmarks to measure performance

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Promote the right behaviours

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Manager Dashboards

Empower your managers to drive change

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Topic & Text Analysis

Powerful insight from employee comments

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Industry-leading data protection and security

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